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(9) badger

today was one of my more successful days at work.  you see, my quota this month to collect is $2500, which really isn't a lot considering the size of most of the debts my employer has purchased, but wow, 90% of the people i deal with truly are deadbeats.  today was successful, as i received promises for almost $500 to be payed within the next week.  we'll see if it actually pans out, but on the flip side, those people are my customers now, and if they break their word, i will break them (with words).  i can see where my one flaw with work is, that i actually take people to hold their word.  i mean, for my encounter with them, it is all i have.  i see myself becoming rather bitter by the end of next week, which may not be a bad thing.

my to do list for later this week involves getting my driver's license renewed, as time is seriously running out for me to get it done, same with my health card.  i also need to pick up tickets for m83's show in toronto on the 18th, even if i can't make it.  damn morning shifts.  ruined one of the few things i was looking forward to in the coming weeks.  hopefully kory will get a bunch of good photos (or videos) of the show for me.

speaking of toronto, i really want to go hang out with ed sometime soon.  gotta save up my pennies for the bus trip.


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Nov. 13th, 2008 04:57 pm (UTC)
We should both visit Ed. AT ONCE. (At some point over the next few months.) 'Twould be sex.

Good luck with getting the moneys. <3.
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