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Week of Crazy

Hey World!

It's been kind of hectic the last week.  Like, in the way that makes you feel like the guy controlling lives may need a trip to the asylum.  Robert got out of the hospital, which is awesome, since I was starting to get concerned about the sarcasm given to me from the nurses when they locked me in the ward almost every time I visited, couple that with me getting along with the other patients, and I could see why they insisted on checking me for an ID bracelet.  I'll be glad when he gets back from Ottawa and I can spend some time with him.

We've decided that my apartment building has a portal that transports you EOA (East of Adelaide, not one of the better parts of town) when you enter the door.  The first floor looks like a war has broken out (it has), and the fire department came to visit us on Wednesday night.  Why can't we have potential fires when it's warm out?

I'm leaving London on June 1st.  The rest of the world awaits.


white flag! white flag!

november is over, and i for one am more than relieved.  what a freaking whirlwind of a month, in point form:

- got new job (whcih i'm surprisingly good and and have no desire to run from)
- ceiling collapsed in my bedroom
- started 26 years of life
- kinda started seeing someone
- stopped kinda seeing someone

ok, so it doesn't seem like much, but considering that the last year pretty much consisted of work, sleep, and being generally miserable, this month was full of stuff.  i hope december is quieter.

a moment without sense

i hate it when i try to go for a walk to escape from my head, and my mind just spends the entire time running laps around me and taunting me.

why won't it just leave me alone!?

otherwise, happy wednesday eve everyone!

1: je suis skanky

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oh, and now closer to 50 than birth.  boo.

(9) badger

today was one of my more successful days at work.  you see, my quota this month to collect is $2500, which really isn't a lot considering the size of most of the debts my employer has purchased, but wow, 90% of the people i deal with truly are deadbeats.  today was successful, as i received promises for almost $500 to be payed within the next week.  we'll see if it actually pans out, but on the flip side, those people are my customers now, and if they break their word, i will break them (with words).  i can see where my one flaw with work is, that i actually take people to hold their word.  i mean, for my encounter with them, it is all i have.  i see myself becoming rather bitter by the end of next week, which may not be a bad thing.

my to do list for later this week involves getting my driver's license renewed, as time is seriously running out for me to get it done, same with my health card.  i also need to pick up tickets for m83's show in toronto on the 18th, even if i can't make it.  damn morning shifts.  ruined one of the few things i was looking forward to in the coming weeks.  hopefully kory will get a bunch of good photos (or videos) of the show for me.

speaking of toronto, i really want to go hang out with ed sometime soon.  gotta save up my pennies for the bus trip.

(13) activate

for the seventeenth billion time this year, i got a new job. it's gotten to the point where i don't really even discuss what i do for a living with anyone cause i can't even keep track. but, well, yup, i work across the street from home and it's nice, considering that winter is nearing. one thing that is worth noting is that my work is paying for me to go back to school, so starting in january i'll be starting at collège boréal to get my french as a second language certificate.  i'm not complaining, even if it stalls me finishing this damn english degree.

another sign that winter is nearing is that jay put up his christmas tree today.  wow, it gets earlier every year.

this weekend is without plans.  mostly writing and playing the hell out of the violin.  i've realized that after years of not playing my tone quality went right out the window, and it is kinda painful to listen to me play now.  sad.  but more practice and things will be good, and more practice is possible now that i finally went and got a mute (neighbours rejoice!).

umm, yup, and that is all i can think of.  next update whenever something happens?
CBC Radio 3 seriously kicks my ass (it doesn't help that I listen to it all day at work).  But, for serious, everyone should check out the podcast this week:  Sweating to the Indies 3.  Too much fun.

Urban Survey

Go to urbandictionary.com and type in your answer to each question in the search box, then write the FIRST definition it gives you.

1. Your Name: Mik

The champion of all men, he rules, there is nothing more to say, he is the fucking man!
My name is not MIK because im fuckin retarded

2. Your Age: 24
24, The Jack Bauer Power Hour. The most entertainment you can stuff into a single day. Full of twists, turns, violence, and Elisha Cuthbert.
I had all kinds of work to do, but I decided to watch 24 instead.

3. One Of Your Friends: Josh

A common name for handsome, intelligent men with big dicks, who are great in bed, commonly god like.
My boyfriend is such a Josh.

4. What You Should Be Doing: Sleeping
To masturbate furiously in your room while praying that your grandma doesn't come in.
GET OUT GRANDMA! I was sleeping.
Those were sleeping noises grandma.

5. Your Favorite Color: Orange

The colour which vain assholes turn after a session in the tanning salon; Often confused with Hepatitis.
"Hey, nice tan... in the middle of winter, you sick fucking pumpkin monster."

6. Your Birthplace: London
The Capital of the world, only rival New York. Incorporates the best of both Europe and America. Unlike in New York the Tube stations are Clearly signposted. Unlike New York the streets are all squigley and it is really really old. South of the river Thames is a mythical land that those on the North talk about in nervous whispers, but it actually isn't that bad and is fast becoming the only place in the city besides cardboard boxes that is affordable to live in. Stand in the middle of the Millenium footbridge and turn around in a 360 degree circle. Go on the London eye. Don't visit the London Dungeons. Go shopping on portabello road, or in Camden, not in Covent Garden. Go to the opera in Regent's park, and to speaker's corner in Hyde park on a sunday afternoon. Trafalger Square in the evening, Leicester square at mid-day. Karl Marx and Charles Dickens are buried in Highgate cemetary. Ealing is queen of the suburbs.
All of life is there.

7. Last Person You Talked To: Ryan
A name, which is commonly both a first or last name, which is very often confused with Brian. Its Irish roots define the name as "little king".
Wow, Ryan, you are such a little king.

8. Last Thing You Had To Drink: Rye
A very preppy, very wealthy town in westchester, just bordering on rye neck, and mamaroneck/larchmont. the town is SPOTLESS, and kids swathed in lacoste and polo, collars popped, crowd into starbucks, cosi, and the gap. EVERYONE IS BLONDE, BLUE EYED, AND READY FOR A LIFE OF YACHTS AND IVY LEAGUE DIPLOMAS.
And yes, the boys are so hot.
"I went out with this guy from Rye who was totally prepped in is going to yale"
"Lets go to coldstone in Rye and then pick up some Juicy Jeans at Ragz"

9. Your Nickname: Pooter (Don't ask)

Redneck term for pussy
Girl, i need some pooter.

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