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First Green MP

The Green Party of Canada scored a major win today when Independent (formerly Liberal) MP Blair Wilson crossed the floor to join the Greens.

Sadly, it will likely be a short-lived victory if the rumours of an election being called September 2nd are true.

Full story here.

Jul. 19th, 2008

 Hey LJ.  I've moved to http://desylvain.wordpress.com/

I'll just be here to comment on my friendses journalses.
Random Question: Should I feel guilty when treating my ex like a one night stand and walking out of his place after he passes out?

Fuck, I pray to G-d I get moved out of the country, just so I have 6 months to get over everything here.

Potential New Home

Today at work was interesting.  It turns out I may be transferred to our Manila site for 6 months to train new hires there.  Will find out in a few weeks.


The highlight of tonight was not being with my ex (whom I still seem to have some kinda lingering for), but rather seeing a "O3N!@L" sticker half peeled off on the sidewalk as I was walking home.

I miss Windsor, as sad as it sounds.


Life has been exhausting. Not in a bad way, I'm just not used to being a morning person again, let alone having 22 people treating my word to be that of G-d, at least as far as their employment is concerned. Yeah, being a trainer is oddly harder work than talking to customers on the phone, which just surprises the hell out of me.

I'm going to Kettle Point this weekend, just to escape from the madness here. I think I'm going to enjoy the break, considering the last time I left the city was my birthday. Just need to collect soem music for the trip there and back, but I can't seem to find anything that is suiting my present tastes. Any suggestions?


I'm excited to go to work tonight. I'm completing my certifcation to be a trainer, which means no yelling at people to pay their damn bills. I've only waited 3 months for today.

Also, I have finally hit the point where I don't think I want to be with Josh anymore. What did it take? Six months of wooing and three days of dating before the craziness let out. Lets face it, I'm in it for the chase, that's it.

Life lesson of the day is to not drink coffee before going to the gym. Stomach is rebelling. Now, to shower, then get spiffied up for work (yay, wearing ties!).

Photographic Memory

The Walk
Originally uploaded by nomadiclike
No one ever enjoys their commute to work. But I gotta say, this was one I enjoyed, even if it involved walking through the tunnels with eighteen-wheelers speeding by.

It's Been A While

LJ! I've been gone for a while. So sorry, for serious, I have been neglectful, to the point that I forgot my password, which really is, well, pathetic. I promise not to abandon you so, because those summer nights are just so lonely without you, LJ.

So, what's happened? In my case, I got a decent job. Yeah, it's in a call centre, but on the flip side, my primary job duty is no longer to be a phone slave, but rather to teach people to be. I'm still living in the same place as before, which even scares me.

But I've got a secret!

Actually, I don't.

In either case, I've missed you so. The interweb can finally rejoice that we've reconsiled.

With hearts, your dorian_gray.

Photographic Memory

Lytton, BC
Originally uploaded by nomadiclike
So, I finally got the photos developed from living in BC, what was it, 2 years ago? And found this one from the Thompson River trip. I miss it out there.